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ACES: New enrichment classes for O. Henry students

This article by Sara Marler was published in the West Austin News on Friday, November 8, 2013


This fall, O. Henry Middle School initiated a new program for all students called ACES (acronym for Academic, Curriculum, Enrichment, and Support). ACES is a graded class with multiple goals geared toward enhancing student learning. The program is centered around a homeroom class made up of 19-23 students who meet four days each week: two days with their ACES teacher, and two days at an Intervention class or a student-selected Enrichment course.

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ACES Enrichment Course Selection on Friday


This Friday, Aug. 30, our students will choose their Enrichment courses that will take place in their ACES class twice/week. Each student will participate in four enrichment classes during the school year (9, 9, 9, and 6 week sessions). However, some students may receive academic support during ACES (starting the 2nd session).

Please review the attached Enrichment course catalogue with your student to help them make the best choices possible. Students often choose topics that they have some interest in, but remind them that it’s okay to choose a topic that they know nothing about!…

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