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Inside Ultimate

By Parker


Starting a Play – photo by Kristin Tucker

Sweeping though the states, this sport has arrived! Many people young and old have picked up the disk that is this sport. Even schools have picked up the Frisbee. Today our focus will be inside O.Henry middle school. On the fields of O.Henry I was able to glimpse into the sport that is Ultimate Frisbee. This sport is fast paced with teams of 7 on 7.

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Mustangs Play Ultimate

By Addison


About to throw – photo by Kristin Tucker

The Frisbee soars through the air. The two teams of seven run towards it, trying to catch it before the other team. A player catches the frisbee, and throws to another player. The game is over for now, but it never stops being played. Ultimate Frisbee is named the fastest growing team sport in America!

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