Tips to Stay Gang Free

How To Keep Your Child “Gang Free”

Why do students join gangs? Student join gangs to:
*  belong to a group

*  have something to do

*  seek approval from peers

*  buy material goods

*  make friends

*  feel secure

*  make money

*  seek a source of status and power

*  get protection

What are some of the early warning signs of gang involvement?

*  becomes secretive

*  “hanging out” with gang members

*  change of friends

*  having large sums of money

*  decline in grades

*  keeping late hours

*  expensive items not purchased by parents

*  skipping classes or skipping school

What are some definite signs of gang membership?

*  adopts a defiant attitude towards authority

*  gang tattoos or gang insignia

*  breaks parental rules consistently

*  photographs showing gang names, slogans

*  fights to gain reputation of being “bad”

*  obsessed with particular clothing logo

*  gang graffiti in their rooms or on their books

*  using hand signals to communicate

What You Can Do!

          1. TALK and LISTEN to your child!  Spend quality time with your child and develop a strong family unit — this is what gangs offer.
          2. EMPHASIZE the importance of school and help your chlid do his / her BEST!
          3. HELP your child get involved in supervised, fun, and meaningful activities.
          4. PRAISE them for doing well and ENCOURAGE them to do their very best!
          5. Know WHERE your child is, WHO they are with, and WHAT they are doing!
          6. SET LIMITS and boundaries, and be fir, fair and consistent.
            • You disapprove of gangs!
            • You do not want to see them hurt or arrested
            • You see them as special!
            • You and other parents are working against gangs
          8. DON’T IGNORE your suspicions.  Talk with your school counselor’s & administrators and get involved in the school

Help & Information

AISD Police:
Austin Police Department:
AISD CrimeStoppers:
311 ask for the Gang Unit
499-TIPS;  Emergency: 911
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