How your contributions make a difference!

Round Up is the O. Henry PTA’s main fundraiser that provides funding for staff Wish List requests each fall.  These requests directly benefit EVERY student during THIS academic school year.

Thanks to the generous support of our families and community, the PTA is proud they can grant $70,000 to support the following Wish List requests:

  • $30,000 in new technology such as Chromebooks, desktop computers, LCD writing tablets, and Vex Robotics Kits
  • $15,500 for Fine Arts (Choir, Band, Orchestra, Art, Dance, and Theatre) for risers, instruments, music, costumes, and other equipment for supplies, instruments, and music
  • $5,000 for Science supplies for innovative labs and activities
  • $4,000 to support Electives and ESL
  • $2,900 in supplemental pay for staff who have taken on additional responsibilities on our campus
  • $2,800 for AVID college visits and end of year celebration
  • $2,600 for Physical Education and Health equipment, jerseys, and supplies
  • $2,500 for Mustang Day, a schoolwide event on the last day of school
  • $1,400 for English Language Arts for magazines, online subscriptions, headphones with microphones, and other materials
  • $1,300 for Social Studies to purchase class sets of atlases and online subscriptions
  • $1,200 for our Counselors to support Career Day and provide counseling supplies
  • $1,600 for Office & Cheer for art supplies to foster school spirit

In addition to Wish List grants, we are excited to provide throughout the school year:

  • $12,000 to cover a staff stipend of $200 to EVERY staff member for classroom supplies
  • $8,000 in student scholarships for field trips so EVERY student can participate in these exciting learning opportunities
  • $20,000 of school support for all our activities that benefit our students, staff, and the entire O. Henry community
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