How your contributions make a difference!

Round Up is the O. Henry PTA’s main fundraiser that provides supplemental funding for all departments – Athletics, AVID, Electives, English, Fine Arts, Health, Library, Math, Physical Education, Social Studies, Special Education, and Mental Health for every grade level. Your contribution will benefit EVERY student during THIS academic school year.

A BIG THANK YOU for the generous sponsorships and donations from our families and community businesses. Your donations supported O. Henry Middle School in the following ways:

  • $24,000 for Air Purifiers for every classroom
  • $15,000 for Picnic Tables and other supplies for outdoor classrooms
  • $10,000 for Physical Education, Health and Athletics used to purchase new equipment and a new shed for storage
  • $10,000 for Technology and Subscriptions for online platforms
  • $10,000 for the four Academic Departments- Science, Social Studies, Math and English
  • $9,000 for Classroom Supplies
  • $8,000 for Trophy Cases for the entry to the school
  • $7,500 for Meals and Treats for teachers and staff
  • $3,200 for Mustang Day, a schoolwide event on the last day of school
  • $2,000 for our Fine Arts Department
  • $1,500 for our career and technology program

In addition to supporting each department, we are excited to bring back support for the following programs throughout this school year:

  • $12,000 to cover a staff stipend of $200 to EVERY staff member for classroom supplies.
  • $8,000 in student scholarships for field trips so EVERY student can participate in these exciting learning opportunities.

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